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  • Submission Guidelines

    Submission Guidelines


    The three elements for the current submission period are: Wedding dress, Crowd, Anchorage.
    Due May 31, 2024, for our summer issue, no. 44.

    What does 3Elements enjoy reading?

    We appreciate good writing in any genre. We especially like edgy writing that offers insight into darkness. We prefer character-driven stories as opposed to plot-driven ones. We relish a piece with a great deal of heart and more than a little bit of Truth (note the capital “T”). We want to read a story that makes us feel edified or philosophical or amused or creeped out or angry or melancholy or inspired or, best yet, all of these things together.


    We find stories that include gratuitous violence distasteful. Sexism, racism, or other forms of intolerance are intolerable to us. That said, you can certainly reveal a character through his/her prejudices; just don’t use a story to perpetuate negative stereotypes or ignorance. The world is already bursting with both.


    Using the elements

    3Elements Literary Review  is a themed literary journal, and all THREE elements (the specific words, Wedding dress, Crowd, Anchorage—art & photography excluded) given for the submission period must be included in your story or poem for your work to be considered for publication. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER.


    Your story or poem doesn’t have to be about the three elements or even revolve around them; simply use your imagination to create whatever you want. You can use any form of the words/elements for the given submission period. For example, if the elements are: Flash, Whimsy, and Seizure; we would accept the usage of Flashed, Whimsical, and Seizures.


    Artwork and photography

    If you decide to submit any artwork and/or photography, we only require that you represent one element, but creating something that represents all three elements will really impress us.


    How to submit your work

    We will only accept previously unpublished (including digital/online content) work submitted to us through Submittable. You can easily submit material to us from our Submit page. Any work that is sent to us as an attachment, or in the body of an email, through our ‘Contact’ page, or any other way outside of Submittable will automatically be declined.



    There is no minimum word count, but please keep your fiction and nonfiction submissions under 3,500 words. Poetry must be under two typed pages.



    If you’re accepted for publication in 3Elements Literary Review, we, as well as the readers of our publication will naturally want to know a little more about you, as well as your writing background, so providing us with a bio is very helpful!


    Submission calendar (Current submission period highlighted)

    Three Elements Revealed
    Submissions Open
    Submissions Close Issue Released Issue No.
    Winter Issue September 1 November 30 February 1 44
    Spring Issue December 1 February 28 May 1 44
    Summer Issue March 1 May 31 August 1 44
    Fall Issue June 1 August 31 November 1 44

    Submission fee

    Submitting material to 3Elements Literary Review is absolutely free.


    Usage rights

    Please refer here to understand our usage rights.


    Submission period category limits

    We will only accept the following number of submissions per submission category: Fiction and nonfiction is capped at no more than two submissions per submission period. Poetry is limited to three submissions per submission period, art and photography is also limited to three submissions per submission period.


    Multiple submissions

    We do not accept multiple submissions within the same document/file. Each submission (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography) must be submitted individually.


    Simultaneous submissions

    Simultaneous submissions are completely fine with us. Our only requirement is that you notify us as soon as you can if you intend to publish your piece with another publication.



    We regrettably cannot give individual feedback on submissions.



    Unfortunately, there is no pay at this time.

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