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    View the answers to some of our most popular questions.

    What exactly is 3Elements Review?

    We are a themed literary journal founded in 2013. Each quarter we post three very unique elements (usually various descriptive nouns/short phrases, e.g., black curtains, telephone, gold reading glasses) that must be incorporated in your short story or poem, or depicted within your art or photography submission.

    When are submissions due?

    November 30, February 28, May 31, and August 31, unless otherwise noted.

    How often are issues released?

    Quarterly. February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.

    How do I submit my material to 3Elements Review?

    You can submit your material to us from our submit page. We will not accept any material submitted to us in any other way.

    What are the latest three elements?

    Poison Ivy, Hologram, Fire Escape.
    Due August 31, 2024, for our fall issue, no. 44

    Do I have to use the actual words in my story, poem, artwork or photography?

    Yes! This is the most important part, however, you can use the elements (Poison Ivy, Hologram, Fire Escape) in any way that you please. Art and photography only requires the use of one out of the three elements — in this case, the words do not need to be written, only depicted.

    Can I use the elements in a different form or synonym?

    No, but in the case of a verb, we will allow you to change the voice in which the element is used. Overall, the meaning or context of the elements should not change.

    If published, am I able to change the story or poem with an updated draft?


    Am I required to include artwork or photography along with my fiction or poetry submission?

    No. Artwork and photography is only required when you are submitting to those specific categories.

    How can I check the status of my submission?

    You can check the status of your submission by clicking here.

    Does 3Elements Review charge submission or reading fees?

    No. You can create a free account with Submittable to submit your work to us at no charge.

    What is the word count for submissions?

    We request that you keep fiction and nonfiction submissions under 3,500 words. Poetry should be under two typed pages.

    How many pieces of literary work can I submit to 3Elements Review in any one submission period?

    Fiction and nonfiction is capped at no more than two submissions per submission period. Poetry is limited to three submissions per submission period, art and photography is also limited to three submissions per submission period.

    Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

    Of course! We only ask that you withdraw your submission from 3Elements Review, should you decide to publish your piece elsewhere.

    Does 3Elements Review pay its writers or artists?

    Unfortunately, not at this time.

    If I am selected for publication, what should I include in my bio?

    Anything relevant to your writing career, your hobbies, your favorite superhero’s name is fine.

    Where can I purchase a glorious print copy of 3Elements Review?

    Unfortunately, nowhere. Although we hope that changes in the near future!

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