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  • About 3Elements

    Who We Are

    3Elements Literary Review is an independent literary journal publishing digitally once every quarter. Our issue is produced in PDF format. You can expect each issue as follows: Our winter issue is our first issue of the year, always released on February 1. We follow that up with our spring issue released on May 1. Next comes our summer issue which is released on August 1. Finally, our last issue of the year is released on November 1.
    Each issue begins with the posting of three elements (which are currently Poison Ivy, Hologram, Fire Escape), and ends with a journal filled with the imaginative ways in which each writer and artist transformed those elements. Our journal is uniquely designed and filled with literature that is thoughtfully crafted. We pride ourselves on publishing contributors from all around the globe. We just might be the best online literary magazine you’ve never heard of.

    Our Purpose

    We exist to inspire creativity. We want contributors to our journal to have fun seeing each element through a different lens. We, as well as our readers, thoroughly enjoy the journey on which each piece takes us, as no one story or poem is ever the same. In each issue, you get to see how creative each contributor can be with the three elements.

    About 3Elements Review

    3Elements began as a simple strategy to combat writer’s block. As an exercise, Marlon would select three words (elements), and Mikaela would write a story that used them. The writing that resulted was creative, often surprising, and very satisfying. The two decided they wanted to share their elegant technique to generate ideas with other writers and artists.

    Officially founded in 2013, 3Elements Literary Review now attracts a wide array of talented writers and artists, both new and established, providing them an interesting prompt and an artful publishing platform.

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